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We strive to ensure the safety and openness of using the search information search service with all available means (hereinafter - “Service” or “”). The Service Owner hereby informs users about what information about the user may be available to the Service, as well as how the information obtained by the Service is used.

Collection and storage of information

The collection and processing of all types of data is carried out in order to provide the user with quality services in accordance with the  Terms of Use of the Service . 
Information is stored on secure servers. takes adequate technical and organizational measures to ensure data security, incl. access control, firewalls, encryption, HTTPS (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure), SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) for data transfer. does not set itself the goal of collecting information aimed at identifying (determining) specific individuals - users of the Service; , the list and the purposes of use of which are given below.

Information directly provided by users provides users the opportunity to subscribe to the newsletter site. The e-mail address provided by the user is used by the site solely to provide information on prices for accommodation in the specified properties and the newsletter. The user may at any time interrupt the newsletter using the appropriate link contained in all the letters sent to the user by subscription. software provides users with the opportunity to register an account for personal use of the Service by accessing website using social network accounts ( Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Whatsapp etc), in this case the service can get information about usernames specified in the profile . This information can be used by the Service for the following purposes:

  • providing the possibility of "pass-through" user authorization on sites and other sites belonging to the owner of the Service, incl. affiliated sites,  to provide users with special offers from Service partners,
  • retargeting, i.e. demonstration of ads to the user on other sites,
  • providing the user with the possibility of personal management of the available functionality of the site (selecting and saving the list of service functions and settings of the user of interest).

Using the Service Tools, the User may be given the opportunity to fill in the data necessary for acqiring services directly on the website or in a mobile application, incl. specify the guest's name, phone number and email address, and send them to a third party who provides temporary accommodation services in order to make a reservation. In this case, the transfer of User data to third parties is authorized and carried out directly by the User via a secure connection. In this case, does not receive bank card details or payment   data , but can receive information about the booking, name and email address provided by the user. Information obtained by the Service in this way may be used by the Service for the following purposes:

  • improving the quality of the Service,
  • providing support to the user in case of disputes with a partner of the Service,
  • communication of the Service staff with the user on issues related to booking.

Automatically received information automatically saves the information sent by the user's browser when he visits the site. This information includes the page request, IP address, browser type and language, and the date and time the page was called. When accessing the service using a mobile device, can collect data identifying the mobile device, its specific settings and characteristics. The information collected in this way is used to analyze and maintain the quality technical work of


Cookies are small text files that are usually stored on the user's computer until the end of the session, i.e. until the end of work in the browser, but in some cases beyond.

When a user visits, the site sends one or more cookies to the user's computer or other device.

Cookies are used by:

  • to simplify the use of the site and improve the quality of the services provided, for example, to save user settings, automatically fill in the monitored temporary locations, as well as calendar search dates
  • to take into account the fact of making bookings with the partner companies (agencies, booking systems, hotels, properties, hostels, guest houses, etc.). After the user selects a temporary accommodation object that interests him and clicks the link / button, the site redirects him to the partner's site, where temporary accommodation is provided. does not receive payment data like Credit card details, Banking information of the user who entered into  the partner’s (property / Hotel) site on, the site - only statistical data about the guest / booker name(s), street address, city, country , email address, phone number, total number of bookings made and their cost, which serve to determine the remuneration due to, are transferred to our service
  • for analysis for promotional purposes.

Use of cookies and other advertising tools.

The site uses third-party services to track traffic statistics, get information about conversions for advertising campaigns, and others. Using these services and tools does not collect data about specific users, but uses only general statistics about site traffic and site performance and about the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. Below is a list of additional third-party services that are used on, as well as links to the privacy policies of these services.

Google Analytics and Ad words, Google Inc.’s analytical web service. ("Google")

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service from Google that allows website owners to find out how users interact with their pages. The collection of information in it is anonymous. Google Analytics uses its own cookies to track visitors on the site. They allow you to find out if a user visited a web resource earlier, from where it went to the pages in it, and how much time it spent there. uses the Google Analytics remarketing feature . Remarketing in Google Analytics allows you to return users who have previously visited the site, with the help of specially designed ads for them on other sites. Remarketing uses a third-party cookie from DoubleClick. With its help, the Display Network provides remarketing in products such as AdWords. For example, after visiting, a user decided to visit a travel blog that is an AdWords member. With the use of Google Analytics remarketing, ads with an offer to use will be shown to him.

The user can disable the use of cookies by Google by visiting the cookie disable page.

To change and disable the use of Google Analytics, the user can also use:

A description of Google’s advertising services and documentation regarding their use can be found at ,

Google’s privacy policy is posted  here .

Other tools for tracking attendance statistics and social media integration

You can block all the above tools, including Google tools, by installing third-party browser plug-ins (extensions).

personal information

Your personal information, including your email address, cannot be passed on to third parties, affiliated companies and marketing contractors. This information may be used with your consent only by our company for marketing purposes. The exception to this rule are the following cases:

  • the legal requirements of the authorities,
  • Self-authorization by the User and transfer to third parties of the data required for booking

In the latter case of, we are not responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of user data by third-party Internet services. The user is obliged to independently study and accept the confidentiality provisions (privacy policy) of any and all third-party websites to which he navigates through the links.

Privacy Policy Changes

Privacy Policy is subject to change. All changes made to this document will be published on this page.

In case of additional questions or doubts about the privacy policy, the user has the opportunity to contact the administration with an appropriate request by e-mail: